Rinnai Zen 35kW LPG Combi Gas Boiler

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The Zen 35kW is ideal for small to medium properties with one bathroom. The unit is one of the most compact on the market and comes complete with WIFI controls, room thermostats and high levels of domestic hot water.

The Zen combi boiler is both a highly efficient water heater and heating boiler in a single highly compact appliance. The water heating part of the system heats water directly from the mains, meaning that you don't have to store water. This makes the Zen combination boiler a cost-effective option when compared to systems incorporating a storage vessel. The Zen boiler has a 98% efficiency rating and comes with smart controls as standard, helping to optimise your system, saving money and energy.

The Rinnai ME controller is everything you need to control your home heating. The WiFi-enabled controller comes with a free downloadable app for IOS and Android, meaning that you can control your boiler on the move. The controller is IoT enabled, so it can use other functions within your device like GPS to turn the heating on and off. Let's say you're driving home - you can set the heating to come on when you are 10 miles from home.

The controller also has a built-in eco function and energy monitor, ensuring you're in control of your energy usage and expenditure. If WiFi is not for you, a room thermostat and temperature controller are also included for ease of control.

Weather Compensation is also built-in as standard along with smart features like fast heating mode and domestic hot water pre-heat functionality designed to give rapid hot water supplies and reduce wastage.

Standard 60/100 coaxial condensing flue is connected for inlet and exhaust.


Rinnai Zen 35kW LPG Combi Gas Boiler Specification

Oversized item (delivered on a pallet)

Boiler Model Zen 35
Boiler Type Combination Boiler
Fuel/Gas Pressure LPG & Bio LPG - 37mbar
Dimensions H 660mm x W 440mm x D 285mm
Boiler CH Output (kW) 33
Max DHW Output (kW) 33.1
Domestic hot water flow rate 14L @ 35°C Rise
ErP Hot Water Rating A
ErP Heating Rating A
IP Protection Class IPX5D
Power Input (CH/DHW) 83/85 W
Min Operating Pressure (DHW) 1.2 Bar
Min Operating Flow Rate (DHW) 2.0 Litres per minute
DHW Temperature Range 35-60°C
CH Temperature Range 35-80°C
Sound power level (LWA) 43 dB
NOx Class 6
Weight 37 Kg
Manufacturers Warranty 1 Year Labour, 7 Year parts

Rinnai Zen 35kW LPG Combi Gas Boiler Features

  • WiFi-enabled controller
  • Efficient heating and hot water from one compact appliance
  • High levels of instant hot water
  • Controllable temperature
  • Pay as you go heat and hot water due to controller in the box
  • Space-saving
  • Quick heat up modes
  • Built-in energy monitor

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