Greengear 6kW Portable LPG Power Generator

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The Greengear GE-6000UK LPG Power Generator can be assembled very quickly and is easy to operate with a simplified power control centre. Other items included are never-flat tires, high-leverage handles and tool kit. Use it for emergencies, job sites and off the grid locations where you need electricity. The 6kW Greengear LPG generator is dedicated LPG system that includes an automatic safety shut-off device. It boasts 'never flat' tyres, high leverage handles and a handy tool kit as standard. It also has a load indicator for safety protection against overloading and low oil level warning. It is best used for emergencies, job sites and off-grid locations where electricity is needed most.

Greengear 6kW Portable LPG Power Generator Specification

Oversized item (delivered on a pallet)
Engine GG5GN – 4 stroke
Displacement 420 cc
LPG / Propane Technology Enerkit Basic
Start Mode Electric Start
Rated Voltage 230 V
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Output 6.0 kW
Max Output 6.5 kW
Dimensions 70 cm x 53 cm x 50 cm / 27.5” x 20.8” x 19.6”
Net Weight 83 kg / 182 lbs
Key Features

Greengear 6kW Portable LPG Power Generator Features

  • Noise output 72 dB at 7 m
  • Approx. Gas consumption 19kg - 20 hours*
  • Save up to 62% on fuel efficiency vs. petrol*
  • Less exhaust emissions than petrol including CO2, NOx and SOx
  • No smell or soot
  • **Reduced cost in service and repairs compared to petrol generators
  • Produce less noise when compared to petrol generators
  • Portable, with its integrated wheels and handles
  • Includes hose, regulator & Multi-tool kit
  • 2 years limited warranty on product, 3 years on Enerkit

*Run Time at 75% Load Depends on cylinder size, load and environmental factors.

*”Greenegear 6kW generator at an average consumption of 1.9L/hr using a 47kg cylinder at average retail price Jan 2016. Compared to an equivalent petrol 6kW generator running at 2.5L/hr using unleaded at the average cost of £1.04ppl in 2015.


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